Frequently Asked Questions

Who is on Council?

The interim Council is comprised of Mayor Helen Smith-MacPhail, Deputy Mayor Bob Clow, Councillors Aaron MacEachern, Chad Stretch, Lori Ashley, Pam Baglole, John Yeo, Sharon Slauenwhite, Stephen Gould, Sabrina Loughran, and Shaun MacArthur.

When and where does Council meet?

Regular Council meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month beginning at 7:00pm in the Afton Hall

Where is the municipal office?

The municipal office is currently located in the Kingston Legion, 15385 TransCanada Highway.

When is the office open?

Permanent office hours have yet to be established. Please call 902-675-7000 to arrange for meeting at the office

When is the next municipal election?

November 7, 2022

What Bylaws are in place?

The New Haven-Riverdale Development Bylaw applies to the area which comprised the former municipality of New Haven Riverdale

The following mandatory bylaws from the Rural Municipality of Bonshaw apply to the new municipality

  • Procedural Bylaw
  • Conflict of interest Bylaw
  • Code of Conduct Bylaw
  • Access to Information and Protection of Personal Information Bylaw
  • Records retention Bylaw
  • Elections Bylaw
  • Emergency Management Bylaw

Several service-based bylaws relating to Fees, Grants and Reserves are also in place.

Council intends to update all these bylaws over the next few months

When does Council expect to have an Official Plan in place for the entire municipality?

Council is required to have an Official Plan in place by end of 2023. It is Council’s intention to have the Official plan in place by December 2022

What properties does the municipality have responsibility for?

The Rural Municipality of West River is responsible for the Bonshaw Community Centre, the Afton Hall, R.J. Mutter and Legacy Parks, Inman Park, and the Rice Point Wharf property

What are the best ways to communicate to the council? 

Email addresses for each member of Council are available on this site. Also, residents are welcome to attend Council meetings

How do I know what council will be deciding upon before a meeting takes place? 

It is our intention to post Council agendas on this site several days prior to the regular meetings